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Ok my girlfriend and I had sex a couple of times in the first couple of days after her period. Well on the 3rd day she was late taking a pill by a few hours, and then the next day she missed a pill but then took two at the regular time the next morning like she was told. We had sex after she took the late pill but before she realized she missed a pill. Well the next night after taking the two pills she mentioned how she had a brown-ish discharge. This has been about 2 weeks ago, and over these two weeks she has been having this brown discharge off and on. Now it is time for her period this week and she is still having this brown discharge with light cramping so far.

Any ideas? Did this happen too soon for it to be implantation? I read that comes a couple weeks after conception, and she noticed hers only a couple days after sex. Im confused and so is she? Any help? PLEASE


Implantation bleeding is very uncommon but it does happen. It is likely that the brown discharge is because she took the pill late. I am on the pill and when the timing gets messed up it happens sometimes. Odds are you have nothing to worry about but if you want to keep your mind at ease, buying a pregnancy test never hurts. Hope this helps.