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Lately my vagina has been letting out a brown discharge with cramping. This has been going on for almost three weeks now. I was hoping it was just my period coming back on/ switching cycles or something but I don't think that anymore. The discharge will come and go, this is the longest that it has occurred. I don't take any birth control pills nor am I sexually active. I know I should probably go to the doctor but I don't have health insurance at the moment so I thought I would ask if anyone knows what might be happening.


Whatever it is, it is not normal. I am sorry I have to say it like this, but it is true.
The least problem would be hormonal imbalance that could be influencing your periods or cysts on ovaries that may cause occasional bleeding and spotting.

You never said how old you were, so I will tell you a little bit about cervical and uterine polyps. These are benign growths that never turn into cancer and develop usually in women of child bearing age but other women may also develop them.

Other possible reason is cervical dysplasia, that is actually considered to be pre-cancerous stage but the cells change very slowly and if caught in time-very easily and successfully treated.
Also uterine fibroids may cause bleeding and even abdominal swelling if they grow to be big.

Since I don’t know how old you were or your previous sexual experience, I am not able to tell you more. It would be wise to have it checked, even if you had to pay for it.