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i am a 21year old woman and i have been sexually active with my partner of one year. i always seem to bleed a little after we have sex.since the last time we had sex i've been bleeding. i thought it would go away, but its been two days and the blood wont stop coming down, is it a serious problem? Will i need to see a doctor.its URGENT


A woman is not supposed to bleed after sex and it would be best if you went to see a gynecologist as soon as possible. It is not good that you waited this long to talk about it.

Were you both virgins when you first had sex or you had previous experiences?

There are a couple of possible reasons that may make girl bleed after sex.

One of them are sexually transmitted diseases Chlamydia and Gonorrhea. I doubt that this is your case because if you started bleeding after the first intercourse, then it means it is something you had before that is being aggravated by friction during sex.

Haven’t you even seen a gynecologist before?

Another possible reason is cervical dysplasia. A cervix is the beginning of the uterus and cervical dysplasia means that some abnormal cells have shown up on the cervix. This state is precancerous but the thing is that these cells grow very slowly and it may take them 10 years to turn into cancer, and the chances of the cure are very big if these cells were found in time. Girls who had sex before the age of 18, who have multiple sex partners, and who smoke are at the biggest risk of developing these cells.

Another possible growth could be cervical or uterine polyps. These growths are harmless but should be removed if they’re causing troubles.
Uterine fibroids are another type of growths that can grow inside the uterine or in the uterine walls.

Ovarian cysts usually cause pain during periods, possibly ovulation as well, and may interfere with menstrual cycle and I think they can cause bleeding as well.

Another possibility is hormonal imbalance. If there is for example a lack of estrogen (common for older women though), it can make your vaginal walls dry and any friction can could cause bleeding.

As you can see, there is quite large number of possible causes.

Don’t get scared, calm down, make an appointment and if you don’t stop bleeding soon, you could even go to the ER.

Let me know what the results showed.