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hi im a 32 yr old women who has been with same man for 15 yrs for the past month i have experienced sever adominal pain and a constent brownish viginal discharge at all times.

it has even gotten to the point where i must wear a pad at all times plz help..


This kind of bleeding isn’t good, it isn’t supposed to be like that and you should have it checked as soon as possible.
Persistent brown vaginal discharge is probably bleeding and is not a complication of an std like you probably thought when you said you’ve been with just one man.

There are other things that cause bleeding and some of the conditions are benign but some of them could be a precancerous. This is why it is important you see a doctor.

One of the possible precancerous conditions is cervical dysplasia, which are abnormal cells on the cervix which develop very slowly and may take them 10 years to turn into cancer. Early diagnosis makes treatment possible and effective.

Other causes that are not cancerous are uterine or cervical polyps. It is actually not known why they appear but they don’t turn into cancer and can be removed. Although they rarely return, new polyps are likely to appear.
Ovarian cysts also cause bleeding and may interfere with a woman’s cycle or cause extreme pains and cramps during ovulations and periods.