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Im 15 and i lost my virginity 3 months ago. We used a condom, it didnt split or anything and i have had periods since. I'm on the 18th day of my cycle now and for the past 3 days i have had this brownish discharge, i get it when i wipe, it doesnt smell but it is just very odd. I have had it once before but it only went on for like 2 days. Im really scared that this is not normal???
My mum said its not but i've read on the internet that it is?
Has anyone else had it? I cant be pregnant can i?

really worried :-(


If you are so worried you should check with your doctor but in my opinion your mum is right and this is nothing you should be worried about.

It happens sometimes during a cycle that this brownish discharge appears and if it doesn’t smell weird it is usually nothing serious but since you have lost your virginity few months ago you should consult your doctor anyway.

And I think there is no chance you could be pregnant since you are not late and you are using condoms and just keep using protection because pregnancy isn’t the only thing from which condom is protecting you.

Relax and enjoy in a safe sex with your boyfriend and don’t forget to consult with the gynecologist because once you are sexual active you are more subject to various infections.