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I had unprotected sex on March 7. I had a brown slightly slimy discharge 3 days later for two days. I took a pregnancy test on March 16, 18, and 26 or 27....all negative. I have gained weight only in my abdominal area, sensitive to smells, frequent urination, and have been nausea. I had a pap smear done on the 18 and discussed the matter with my gyno n she stated that my pt came bk negative then her nurse gave me the depo provera shot. I am still have the symptoms plus slight cramping. Is it a possibility that I am pregnant. This would be my second pregnancy. My aunt also had a dream that I was pregnant. My last period started on Feb 23rd.


My first and second pregnancies could only be detected with blood work. I had several negative tests for the first three months. I got really sick and went to the er where they did some blood work. The doctor told me I was pregnant and I was just showing signs of pregnancy. You might need to get some blood work done maybe even a sonogram just to be 100% sure. I hope this helps