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Are there any recent success stories relating to burning mouth syndrome? I have dealt with this condition for several months on occassions and have experienced intense burning for weeks. When I am focused in activities, I don't appear to have as much pain as I experience when I'm not active. I have been to an internist, a dentist, two oral surgeons, and have an appointment with an allergist in several days. I have been prescribed vitamin B supplements, Prilosec and Magic Mouthwash. None of these medications have provided any relief. I am searching for any advice or recommendations that may help to alleviate this pain.


Hello deandweller,

Beyond any meds I've taken, I've found that altering my diet and habits has reduced my discomfort greatly.  I think I've almost always found that behavioral modication works best.  I started drinking more fluids and in particular I drink green, red or white tea warm or cold.  I add nothing to them and I drink them all day long.  I used to smoke and I quick and that made a difference.  I still drink wine but that's only on the weekends and I keep it to one or two glasses (that's my treat).  I also stay away from hot and spicey foods (anything that is strong).  I like licorice but I have to say no.  I brush my teeth with toothpaste for sensitive teeth.  Keeping active is always good because that draw your mind away from the discomfort.