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I had received unprotected oral sex 7 weeks ago from a prostitute for 6 minutes (no ejaculation).

My symptoms are as follows in order of appearance

Feeling of Hotness on penis and scrotum (on and off)
Penis and Scrotum appear to be more red then usual, while there is no other visible symptom
Burning sensation and light pain on penis and scrotum continuous on some days appearing after having sex

No swelling, no Discharge, No Bacteria in Urine Analysis or Urine Culture. (HIV, Hep B&C, Syphilis) were clear 10 days from incident.

I am having premature ejaculation while having sex and discomfort. My Urologist says that there is no Urinary tract infection. My dermatologist says it is Tinea Cruris and intertrigo.
I am taking Flagyl and NOVIDAT 500mg (as per another doctor in Emergency, after verbal explanation of symptoms).

Please help me diagnose what might be the problem.What other test I can conduct to diagnose the problem.  


U should see a doctor


Did you have any resolution? Im seeing similar symptoms