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Around 15 years ago i had unprotected sex with a woman and the next day i had an itching thrush like symptom underneath my foreskin. This lasted about 3 or 4 days and then just faded away, but did re-appear once or twice several months later again just disapeared. I should have got some thrush treatment at the time but for some stupid reason i didnt.

Fast forward on 2 years later (13 years ago) and i got with my current partner. We'd been having regular sex for around 2 years with no problems atall, then one day after having sex we both experienced extreme burning itching etc I had classic case of severe thrush red penis head, very sore and itchy, also my urine became very strong. Whilst she had the female symptoms. I done what I should have done years earlier and bought some thrush cream, used it regular for 5-6 days and the itchyness,redness disapeared. Her symptoms also disapeared with thrush treatment.

One thing however that never disapeared was my strong urine, this went on for several months and gradually when masturbating/ejaculating it began to feel very sore and irratated inside my penis. Ejaculation was actually painful. I was at this time masturbating very heavily around 2-3 times a day so was turn between thinking because i was masturbating so much this had caused my symptoms??, or was it an STD. So i went to my local sexual health clinic and they tested me for everything under the sun. Everything came back clear, no STD no urnine infection.. nothing! I was pleased obviously but also confused as to why i was getting these syptoms.

So the years went by and the sore, irrated feeling inside my penis is still with me. It's also painful in the head of my penis upon the moment of ejaculation, afterwards it just feels sore and irrated in the whole of my penis from top to bottom. I have tried stopping masturbation for around 7 days to see if this makes the symptoms go away, but when i have started masturbating again the soreness and irratation in the whole of the uretha tube is still there.

I really don't know what to do for the best, I have been to the doctors and the hospital and ended up having a  cystoscopy, again no infection or anything was found. I have run out of ideas and I'm now thinking my over-masturbation habbits are causing these symptoms??

Anyone ever experienced anything like this?, it feels like i'm the only person that has this as the doctors cannot find any STD. It surely isn't normal.




I've had the same thing going on for the past few years. I've been tested for stds and infections but everything was clear. Had a cystoscopy and there were no problems. It got better over time when I decreased masturbation and changed my diet: limited coffee and alcohol. Also tried not to think about it. I was told by the urologist a lot of it could be in my head. It got better but recently came back again after a night of protected sex, a weekend of drinking heavily and masturbating a few times. I've read a lot of forums with people having similar problems. My guess is sensitivity in the urethra or acute damage that is trying to repair itself. I'm not sure what else to do. It sucks and is always on my mind. Have you figured anything out recently?


No nothing any better, really dont know what to do about it. I had sex last nighy with my girlfriend and my whole penis very sore this morning. Ive never found any information for possible causes on the Internet I guess im just stuck with this!