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I last had unprotected sex in January 08 just after the New Year. Admittedly neither of us were very excited at the time but we continued with sex anyway. I have had unprotected sex with her before but have never noticed this: I noticed a stinging sensation and burning at the tip of penis immediately upon insertion during this particular encounter. We didn't use any lubrication. Later on I noticed a burning sensation after I finished urinating. I have been watching it every day since then with no rash, bumps, blisters, etc beyond the random small white cysts that I have gotten on my scrotum since I was a teenager. This burning sensation after I finish urinating persists to this day but it happens at random during the day and sometimes not at all. A few days ago I have been noticing that sometimes if I sit a certain way I get a stinging sensation in the very same spot it burns after I urinate. I have not noticed any discharge or any blood in my urine. I did however pass a kidney stone about two months prior to the sexual encounter I spoke of earlier but did not experience any of these sensations until after my sexual encounter. I have not been tested for STDs yet and have not gone to see a doctor. I am uninsured so I am looking for alternative answers before I throw down the cash to hopefully fix this problem.


Hmm. I've had the same problem and still am. My name is travis and i'm 17. Never have had sex yet. Virgin. Yet sometimes i have a burning sensation on the tip or inside the tip. I don't know what triggers it or why it would do this, but apprently it is possible to have what's called a urinary tract infect or a ( UTI ) They come from / or are triggered from large amounts of caffeine. They can appear on any male for any given reason or time and is actually quite common. Try watching your caffeine intake and the foods, more or so the liquids you intake, reply please ( :

- Note - That this isn't from sex at all it is normal - Note -