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ive just had a sti test that tested for everything and it came back normal, after this me and my boyfriend began using the pill without condoms ( we had previously used both at the same time). But now it hurts sometimes when he penetrates me, and also it burns when i go to the toilet, what could it be?


Well, after my GF started going on the pill, she has never really got "wet" again.

I mean, before the pill (when we used to use condoms), she would get wet like wild before sex! I could slide it in without even putting any extra lube on!

It was awesome! But when she started the pill, she NEVER, NEVER, EVER got wet again. Its been 2 years, and she has never produced natural lube! It pisses me off, and her! But I guess thats the price you pay for a pill that stops pregnancy.

I don't know about the burning sensation, but my gf experience the same sort of thing for about 3 or 4 weeks after taking her FIRST pill. She kept saying how she feels dry and complaining that now she doesn't get "wet"... I dont know if that helped, but, what ever!