last saturday I got my period, which was a couple days late. Normally I start really heavy for the first couple days and only bleed for 4-5 days.

On Saturday my period started light with bright red blood then mid sat it stopped! I took a pregnancy test on Sunday (which was negitive) as there was a possibitly my hubby n i cud have been preggers. My period then became regular on sunday evening. Its now goin on day 7 and I have blood staining and slight spotting. Ive always had really bad cramps but only on the first couple days. My tummy is a constant cramp and I feel so uncomfortable in my body and feel like i'm leaking a river all the time but im not...not even enough to warrant using a tampon or a pad...its just there when I wipe! im not peeing blood as i double checked.
I also started back on the pill on the sunday night after the negitive test result. Ive been using this pill for a few months and havent had any trouble with it since I started the first time.

anyone able to offer some kind of advice on this??

Cheers muchly and have a good one!