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I had a question about whether or not I can get Victoza from my doc? I’ve been taking metformin for years and recently I’ve been having a few problems keeping my HbA1c down. Don’t know why but it seems to have gone off on one. Anyway I just wondered if my doc would be able to give me Victoza cos I’ve heard it can be really good at controlling your blood sugar – one of my friends takes it.


The quick answer to your question is absolutely – in fact it’s the only way that you can get Victoza as it’s a prescription only medicine (POM) and you aren’t allowed to buy it– however it does depend where you live, UK, US, Europe you’ll be absolutely fine. The more indepth answer to your question should be based around why you want it and whether it’s appropriate for you. Basically as you know the way that type II diabetes is managed is by diet and exercise in the first case, and if that doesn’t work by taking metformin seeing if it’s possible to treat it with an oral drug. Metformin doesn’t have that many side effects associated with it and it can be positive in helping you to keep your weight steady. Your doc will try and keep your HbA1c in line with metformin as long as he can. You can up your dose to 2500mg a day (if you are an adult) – but you don’t say what dose you are on, so it may be an option just to up it and see how that goes. The other thing to remember is that you have to inject Victoza so that would be something completely new for you. If you are at your max with metformin I’m sure your doc would consider it – but make sure you do what’s right for you and you get the best treatment to do that.