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Hi Yall, Well, I'm new to victoza. I have been on it for just over a week or so. I was using metformin before and was having trouble. I really haven't been watching my diet or exercise for a while and I finally got to 9.3. Now I'm staying with a strict diet and exercise and on victoza. Right now my numbers are looking pretty good. I've really been watching my carb intake and this morning my BG was 114. That is so good but I know it needs to get better. I have a couple of questions about victoza. I had a real problem injecting myself. I just about passed out. I bruised myself badly. Where is the best place to inject? I travel a lot and I and fly a lot. I found air bubbles in my pen. Is that normal? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


Hello, Well, I've been using victoza for a longer period of time about seven months. I find injecting my hip works well for me. I use the mini needles so usually I can't even tell where I have injected. I just think its easier for me. I know a lot of people inject in their stomach. I've heard that people inject in different place a different times depending on what they eat. My guess is that if you bruised yourself you probably injected into muscle. When I fly, I just put my pen in my purse. I'm not sure what a guy would do. I have a small kit I carry with me and put that in my checked luggage. Oh, I didn't know or not whether you know about storing your pens. The ones that haven't been opened I store in the refrigerator. But, once I open it, I leave it in my bathroom. I think you're really gonna love victoza. It stabilized my BG very quickly and so far I haven't had any side effects. That's a far cry from taking metformin. I had such problems on it and didn't know if I was going to make it. Hope the information was helpful and I hope all goes well for you.