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Hi! I am 56 year old and I heard last week that I really have DM2. My GP told me a lot of things I have and should do but I was so shocked  that I asked him to give me one week to think about it so we will meet this Tuesday again. I’ve been reading a lot. I’ve been overweight for more than 15 years now, so I don’t think I can just do a diet and I will lose weight. I’ve tried a thousand times to do it!! I have read about all kinds of medication but I read that some can be also helpful to make you lose weight!! I think they would be great for me, because my diabetes would be treated and also my obesity! Can I ask to go on Victoza or Byetta? 


Hi there! I understand your way of thinking about your treatment. Maybe you are right about thinking that diet won’t be enough especially because you think it will be difficult to follow a diet. But when we talk about medical treatment for diabetes it is more complicated. There are guidelines that your GP must follow when prescribing you a drug. And those guidelines are good, they are based on scientific evidence and studies. In the event of beginning with a drug for diabetes the first choice goes for a medication called metformin (if you don’t have counter indication). Your GP will not start you on Victoza or Byetta as first choice despite the obesity. And he is right to do this way. And probably your diabetes will respond to metformin. So you can always ask, but the right answer will be no, or at least not yet.