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Hello all,

I was just diagnosed as a diabetic type some three weeks ago. My doctor based this on a fasting test of 7.3. I had another HbA1c test a week ago and that test came back with a reading of 6.4. My doctor set me up on a diet and told me I needed to stay within a 100 gram carb per day diet and she gave me a prescription for metformin (500mg) daily. I'm supposed to get another HbA1c test in 3 months. I have some HbA1c confusion as I'm a new diabetic and I'm wondering given that my HbA1c is low (7.3, 6.4) whether I'm really diabetic. Is my doctor being overly cautious? I'm just going by what I have seen on the Internet and it seems to me there is a lot of variation in the HbA1c test for me so far but it doesn't seem that bad. Can anyone advise? Thanks.


Hello, it sounds like you are diabetic because your first test was at 7.3 and then the second test was at 6.4. Being around the 6 level is what doctors try to get patients to achieve so you are close there. There are people who have an HbA1c test come back with numbers in the 10 range which is definitely diabetes but according the diabetes medical association, an HbA1c reading of more than 6.5 is the cutoff to diagnose diabetes. Clearly your two tests differed considerably and it would be interesting which one is the best reading. Overly, I would say you have a good doctor and he/she is getting you off on the right foot. Starting with a 100 gram carb diet is a good start and should help to prevent problems down the road a way. The metformin will help you to maintain proper blood sugar levels and of course it can be increased later if needed. The 500mg dose daily is the usual starting place. Your doctor or diabetes manager will keep an eye on that. Make sure to take regular sugar readings and record everything including what you are eating and how you feel. This will help you and your doctors keep you on track. I wish the best of luck to you.