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Hey there,

So my friends were talking to me about their experience with Hot Rox Extreme, and one of them, one girl who was using those pills as well told me that prolonged use of Hot Rox Extreme can be harmful for overall health. She told me that according to her experience :)

So, now I really don’t have an idea what this could mean, and why possible that can happen?

Do you know more about this?

What do you think?

Can you tell me is this true or false, or this depends from person to person?

Thank you a lot! 


Good day,

Sure it can, but I am always saying that you can’t know how you and your body will react on some diet pills, that is for sure.

I really don’t know anyone with this problem, but I believe there are a lot of people who can tell you that prolonged use of Hot Rox Extreme can be harmful for overall health.

Always, but always, you need to consult your doctor, you need to do your blood tests to see can you use some pills, because I repeat, Hot Rox Extreme is very rigorous!

Be careful with it.

Good luck! 



Good day everyone,

Yes it can! I know a one person that this happened. She told me that when I wanted to use this Hot Rox Extreme pills for the first time. It is not that harmful, to be honest, but it can.

I know that these pills can have some side – effects that you won't like, because for the first day you are going to feel nausea, sickness, headaches.

When I visited my doctor, he told me to avoid it, because they are rigorous and we all know what rigorous pills can do to our health.

Please, be careful if you want to use these pills.