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Good day all,

I am using Oxy Ellite Pro diet pills for some days, three I think :) I can’t talk about results at the moment, because it is too early to discuss that :) But, I can tell you that I will inform you about my progress. My friend asked me about those diet pills, and I told him that it is totally safe to use them, that I didn’t have any side – effects. But, after he asked me about ingredients, I didn’t know what to answer him. I believe that he is still waiting for my e – mail :) LOL

Can you tell me what are ingredients of Oxy Elite Pro diet pills? 


Hey there,

I think that the manufacturers didn’t revealed all ingredients of Oxy Elite Pro diet pills. I don’t know do you know about this, I don’t have any intention to scare you, but the doctors are talking about that one ingredient, that might be harmful in this diet pills – it is aegeline, they say that this one is harmful. I don’t know any other ingredient, to be honest, my friend Inna was saying all the time that ingredients in those pills are natural, but than this happened. I just want to say to be careful :)

Good luck with search!  



Hello there,

Yes, I’ve heard about this ingredient, but I didn’t know that this one could be so harmful. Actually, I was talking with my friend Lisa, she was using those pills, and she told me that there could be some liver damage while you are taking them. But, she was using Oxy Elite Pro diet pills for almost two years, and everything is just fine with her. I don’t know, maybe that ingredient is not that bad as they say.

But, of course, you should consult your doctor always before taking any pills. He can always tell you what do you need to know.

Good luck!