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Shaving is hard enough on your skin, whether you're a male or female, but shaving during the Winter is the worst. Combined with the dry, cold weather, shaving can cause tons of different skin irritations.

When it comes to skin in general, winter is an absolute nightmare. Some consensus can read that the sun is harmful for your skin and, if not regulated, then sure, that’s true. But the winter months can do just as much short-term damage to your skin if you don’t keep an eye out for the telltale signs. The cold air of winter can dry out your skin to a point where it becomes painful and cracked. Something else that can severely damage your skin across the winter months is shaving. The harsh and often extreme condition during January and February means that you will need to change your shaving routine to fit in with the winter months.

What Does Winter Do to Your Skin

It makes sense to believe that the sunshine during the summer months would dry out your skin. This, however, isn’t the case. When the sun comes out, we start to sweat which means our skin actually becomes less dry. Yet when it is winter, and cold, the chill in the air dries our skin without being able to fall back on sweating to act as a natural moisturizer. That’s why skin conditions such as eczema can often hurt a lot more in the winter. But what does this have to do with shaving? How can it affect you in the long run?

Shaving and Skin Irritation

You can get irritated skin when shaving at the best of times. But when the cold air is hurting you in the winter, the added strain on your skin from shaving can cause redness, sores, and rashes. The dryer your skin when shaving, the less lubrication you have to aid smoother, softer shaving. The way gel and foam works when shaving is similar to having less dry skin. You’re not fighting a tough, brittle layer of skin if you use gel because it moisturizes as you shave the surface of your skin and then soothes it at the same time.

What Products Should You Use When Shaving?

There are a bunch of different products you could use when shaving. Whether you’re a male and you’re shaving your face, or a female and shaving your legs, choosing which product to use in winter can save you a boat-load of pain. Using an exfoliating cream regularly will help your skin become smoother and less chapped during the winter months. This, in itself, will aid shaving because there’s less aggravation and friction against your skin from there on. During the shave, you should always use a gel or a foam, never dry shave. Even though people sometimes shave dry, this isn’t a great idea, especially during winter. Finding a gel with natural ingredients such as mint will allow any sores or aggravation to subside with a natural remedy, which is always the best way forward. If you want extra protection, you can use a post-shaving cream that will cool and heal any soreness or shaving rashes.

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