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Hello everyone,

A few days ago, my sister started to use D4 extreme weight loss supplement. To be honest, I don’t know why, because she only has 7 extra pounds, and I don’t believe that this is something so bad, so you need to use D4 extreme. That is my opinion, but of course, she is not listening to me. Good.

She started to take this, but she didn’t consult her doctor and she doesn’t have any idea what is the right dosage. So, I am worried.

Can you tell me what is proper dosage of D4 extreme weight loss supplement for maximum results?



Hey there,

It is very risky. Taking something without consulting your doctor is always a bad, bad idea. So, please, consult with her and tell her to go and visit her doctor. My mom was using those pills, but doctor is needed to approve this to her. About dosage, she should take one pill before workout. That was in the first weeks. Later, you can take pill every three hours. That is all I know. Maybe I am wrong, maybe something was changed, but that is why I am telling you to consult her doctor. That is the only way.

Have a nice day! 



Hey there darling,

I know, I am telling her this all the time. I am telling her that she needs to visit her doctor as soon as possible, because he is the only one who can help her in the right dosage, giving her the right advice as well. Now, I was telling her about your post, and that is OK, now she will try with this type of dosage, and I know that you have the point.

But still, I would be really, really happy if she go and visit her doctor. I would be really, really calm about this as well.