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I still have a few questions about Hot Rox Extreme. Yes, I know that this product is brutal, but I was wondering can Hot rox extreme weight loss supplement be harmful to your health? Really?

I am big coward when comes to my health and when I need to do something that is pretty risky, I mean, who is not? Right? I did not found anyone in here or anywhere else who has something to say about these pills, so I really hope that you can tell me something, based on your or someone else experience.

Can I use it? Thank you! 


Hey there,

Well, you are totally right, they are aggressive pills, but I don’t think that this one can harm your health, at all. Because, hot rox extreme has all natural ingredients, so I don’t see what can possible go wrong. Yes, they are aggressive, and yes, they can make your pounds disappear, but I have never heard that those pills can harm you and your health. Of course, to avoid an uncomfortable situation, visit your doctor just in case, and consult him.

Tell us what you have decided? Tell us your experience if you start to use hot rox xtreme pills. Good luck!




Hello girls,

Well, I believe it can! It has a lot of side – effects that are common to almost every single person who was using hot rox extreme. I believe that with hot rox is totally different story, but I can’t guaranty you that. I tried to use them, and they were bad for my stomach. I really felt sick, so I stopped using them. After a while, after a few days, I was really fine, no more sickness.

So, I don’t a so good have nice experience but my friend Sally lost pounds without side – effects. So, depends.

Good luck!