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Drinking tea is a habit for most of us and it offers an excellent way to relax. However, recent studies suggest that our tea could be full of harmful ingredients. Read on to find out about the harmful ingredients that you could be consuming with your tea.

Is tea good or bad for you?

A vast majority of people drink two to three cups of tea a day. For a number of people, a cup of tea after a long day offers an excellent way to unwind.

Tea is one of the most widely consumed beverages in the world.

Even health experts recommend drinking tea owing to the numerous benefits associated with the drink. Almost half of the population in the United States drinks tea on a daily basis. The tea market has expanded considerably over the past decade and there are different varieties of tea that are known to improve your immunity, digestion, and metabolism.

Studies have proved that drinking tea can reduce your chances of developing diabetes, ovarian cancer, and heart disease. This can be attributed to the fact that tea is rich in antioxidants and magnesium. Tea, specifically green tea, has 10 times more antioxidants than any other fruit and vegetable. The antioxidants present in tea help in detoxifying your body of harmful chemicals and other toxic materials that can cause cancer. Green tea is also known to lower LDL levels. Consumption of green tea helps in regulating pH levels and thereby promotes your overall health.

Despite the numerous benefits offered by tea, drinking tea might actually pose a health hazard.

A close examination of the ingredients that make your tea would make you think twice before consuming your regular cup of tea. A number of modern tea brands sell their teas by harping on the health benefits offered by tea.

But the fact is that tea is actually laden with harmful pesticides, artificial ingredients, toxins, GMOs, and artificial flavors.

It is important to know that tea is never washed before it is filled in tea bags. This implies that if harmful cancer-causing pesticides were sprayed on tea plants, you will find traces of the pesticides in your tea bags as well.

Vari Hari, the owner of a renowned food blog, performed certain investigations which involved asking questions related to the practices adopted by food companies. An examination was also done to analyze the ingredients of conventional teas. The results were shocking and are sure to shake us all up. We all need to be aware of the harmful ingredients that are making their way in the commonly consumed tea.

There is no denying the fact that there are numerous health benefits of drinking tea. However, you need to choose the right tea and be sure that the ingredients are free of hazardous chemicals.

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