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Hello girls,

For the past a few days, I am really struggling so hard with my mother, because I want to prove to her that thyrin weight loss drug can be really harmful for overall health. She has some issues with her health, she is at the doctor’s office all the time, but she doesn’t want to ask him is thyrin weight loss drug harmful for her. And yes, she is overall.

I have heard that can’t be helpful to her, but it seems to me that she doesn’t want to listen to me. Now, can you tell me what do you know?

Any information is helpful.



Hey there,

Where did you hear that, how do you know that this one is not for her? Did some doctor told you, or you made your own conclusion?

I am asking this because a few years ago, my aunt was using thyrin and she is a little bit overweight as well. Now, she didn’t have any troubles back then, even she went to see her doctor and he told her that this one is just fine, it has no complications with it.

So, I think that she can use it, but if anyone has some other information, please let me know :)

Maybe I am totally wrong :)



Good day,

It can be! It depends, a lot of factors are included as well. You didn’t say what problems your mother has, why you don’t want her to use thyrin weight loss drug.

Anyway, you can never tell without any test or some consult with your doctor. So, my advice is to consult your doctor and see what he as to say.  That is the best thing that she can do.

But, you need to be her biggest support. Go with her and visit the doctor and let him tell you what he thinks.

I think that she can use it if she has no bigger problems.