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I would like some advice for a parent whose child is just starting with school. I heard that many problems (even psychological) might emerge in a child in this period. Is that true? Can separation disorder start in those moments? We are concerned that starting school might be a big problem for our son because of his shyness.


Being shy does not have to mean that he has some social problems, although it is a condition that might evolve into something a bit more serious. So, I guess you should help your kid as much as you can, with support and advices. Listen to what he has to say, you might miss some important things he describes. And unfortunately, yes, that is a period when some difficulties might emerge, including separation disorder.


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I work in a reception class (first year of school). Yes some children do get upset in the first few days. Its usally short lived.
Has your child been to pre school or a nursary. This will of helped.
Have you left him with friends or family at all?
how is he when you do.
These are the things that help with starting school.
We only have the children in to start with for half a day.
This helps them get use to it.
Has he got any friends that he will be starting with?
If it is a big problem for him when he dose start, you could ask if you can stay with him for a little while. Sometimes this atually makes the child worse as they wont let the parent go, but it might work for you.
Also you could go to the school with him have a look round an prepar him. Get him really excited about it.
Talk to his teacher and the Headteacher about you worries. They will give you more advice.

Im a Teaching Assistant. Im the one who usally ends up with them all on my knee.

One last thing. Dont let him feel you worries. He will pick up on them.

Good look xxxx He will be fine