So, i got into an accident with a bus about 6 months ago.  I was wearing my seat bt and my air bags never deployed.  Hit my drivers side then continued to slide forward.  Few hours after the accident i was fine until i got home.  Could barely breathe, couldnt sit up or turn.  Couldnt cough it hurt too much.  I had to sleep sitting up it was so bad.  Next day i cant sit it hurts but im fine to walk.  Theres a gathering and i seem to be fine swimming and everything.  No prolbem until the following day.  Cant sit up cant roll over cant exactly move without crying.  6 months and every so often its sore until today.  Im in the same pain i was in 6 months ago.  Could i have re beoken my ribs? I never went to the dr the first time so i dont know if i broke them in the first place.