Hi,I have a 40 year old brother here in Philippines,which suffering from Cerebellar Mass which diagnose CT scan findings dated 01 April 1,2013. Ïnhomogeneously enhancing left cerebellopontine angle mass with petrous bone erosion and obstructive hydrocephalus."Mass pressing the fourth ventricle.

   On April 16,2013 my brother undergo for brain surgery which took for about 7hrs ,he was inserted with tracustomy tube and VR machine to support his breathing,the neuro surgeon take out the Mass with dimension of (4.7x5.2 cm wxp) and they told us that there is 1% remain of the mass inside his brain which sticking in the 7th ventricle,cranial nerve & they cannot excise further for they will might damage the ventricle which control the facial nerve. After 12 hours the doctor took off the VR machine for his recovery is doing well. He was in ICU for 4 days and transfer to Ward section with oxygen for breathing.                                After  11 days we discharge from hospital for home recovery.At home he manage to sit down  Several times he was siezured, uncontrolled urination is always occurred.

    His body temperature is always higher 39 deg Celsius. We decided to re confine him again to the hospital       and now he cannot move his body on his own strength and we noticed that his condition is getting diminished before our eyes. We pray to the LORD  for his miracles and cure my brother for his brain suffering.

    We sincerely appreciated any comments and prayers for my brother.