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My 56 year old brother had an 18 hour surgery on April 2, 2010 to remove an meningoma brain tumor. Due to the location of the tumor which we found out squashed the brain stem, most was removed. Post Op, he is still in critical care ICU on a ventilator and feeding tube in his nose which will be moved to the stomach next week. PT is coming in once a day and has some movement on the left side, but none on the right. He can blink his eyes, and is very aware of his surroundings according to the nurses. He has had two strokes and blood clots in the lungs. He is 50-60 lbs overweight and is a smoker and most likely a drinker. What kind of outcome can we expect at this stage?
Would soft music be suitable to play for him? Family is at his side every day.
THank you,
Denise Morgan concerned sister

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I'm a 48 yr old female i worked three jobs my primary job was driving a school bus. I started having headaches blurred vision dizziness.i was diagonis with a meningeoma on my brain stem. The doctor made it sound so simple I hadn't done any research at all. I thought I would be down nomore then a month. It's been 8 months lost my hearing stiff neck,trouble driving, trouble spelling, confusion still. Went back for MRI what he left has connected it self to my ear bone.that was MRI in August 2012 he's hopeful that he can get it with radiation. My life will never be the same theirs alot I don't tell cause what's the use.i thank God it could have been a whole lot worse. I see people with a lot more symptoms then myself.but I know how you feel you just want to be yourself again. I pray in time you will find your ole self again. That's what I pray for.i hope this has helped you.