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Hello! My brother had problems with his testicle and he was ashamed to go to the doctor. When he started to feel terrible pain on urination and fever too he decided to visit him. His doctor diagnosed epididymitis and told him this was an infection caused my some bacteria. He prescribed antibiotics and cold compresses but my brother forgot to ask him to prescribe some pain killer. Since we have some Naproxen tablets at home (our grandmother is using is to treat her arthritis pain) can he take it for epididymitis pain as well?


Hello! You described epididymitis very well. It is the inflammation or infection of the epididymis usually caused by bacterial infection. Besides pain on urination, fever and chills a discharge form urethra and nausea may occur as well. Treatment always includes antibiotics and analgesic since the pain is frequently very severe. Since Naproxen is anti-inflammatory drug and it is used to treat pain too I think it should help your brother. But, the best thing would be to consult your doctor before taking it. Sometimes the pain is so severe that naproxen can’t treat it and opiate analgesic is required.


- Im Cured -

And Im very angered that this cause is not listed on medical sites

Firstly if a physical exam, blood, urine and ultrasound come back clear

Consider the cause being the Pudendal Nerve

The cause for me was squats, rowing, and 20minute bike ride each day
Then without stretching i was going home at sitting at a computer for hours
Which must have eventualy inflamed or entraped the nerve

Now when the first symptoms appeared i stopped going to the gym
And just sat at home with an icepack on my balls

5weeks later, after getting all the tests which came back clear
i found an artcile explaining that just sitting down was keeping pressure on this nerve

As soon as i associated this
I avoided sitting, and just laid down for a whole day and watched movies
I also did the recommended stretching exersices

Almost immediately i noticed a difference
Within 2 days my balls were 100% normal again like a miracle

I thought i was going to loose my balls or die from this
So thats why im writing
Hopefuly it may help someone esle

Now some people may actualy have the real medical issues such as
infections, epididymitis, varicocele, Hydrocele, blockages, hernia and so forth
So get the tests done to rule these things out

But this nerves job is to let your brain know when these things happen
So it may just be the nerve itself thats effected

Even for the people with the real conditions, if the pain is there after treatments
Consider that the nerve also may now be playing up cuz youve been sitting around for too long

Bike riders know all about it thats how i discovered this
search the Pudendal Nerve and bike riders for more information

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David D



Thanks David. I found your post quite interesting and have a few questions since your link was filtered. Could you send me a PM or write me at my user name at hotm... Thanks


Hello David i had the same problem i was going to the gym every day doing exercise on bike fem or a few months i started getting the same problem pain in my right testicle the doctor has given me naproxen 500 mg what exercise did you do for the pain to go away.


yes he can I suffer from this and just seen my gp about it and he gave me them tablets 250mg and also lansprazole a tablet that stops the naproxen causeing stomach upsets.


This sounds so similar to what im going through, my urologist insists that sitting is not causing my pain but im 100% sure it is, thanks for your information


Hey what exercise you did for the pain to go away ?


Hello david I feel