Hi I had c5/c6 anterior disc replacement/discectomy four weeks ago. I am a healthy 43 year old male. Prior to surgery I had real problems walking, tightness in both legs and could only walk using 'baby steps'. I had pins and needles in four fingers and the palm on my left hand and also in two fingers on my right hand. No real neck pain as such, just occasional twinges. A week after surgery I felt pretty good, only taking minimal painkillers and legs were walking much better, but still had the pins and needles/numbness in my hands. Four weeks down the line and I feel like my legs are going back to how they were, difficulty walking, hot sensations in them and neck pain. Is this normal? I was hoping to be back to work after 4/6 weeks but really cannot see this happening at the moment. Have started physio but that hasnt helped much. Not had any post op checks with Dr or surgeon yet, thats not til 6 weeks post op. John