Hi Everyone, 


I am hoping for some insight or advice as to if we are on the right track. I had an acdf c6-7 with a zimmer bak-c Jan 2012 due to a herniated disc impinging my nerve after being rear ended. I am in a great deal of pain with still the pins and needles constantly running down my left arm to at some times it feels as if my hand is ready to burst, along with feeling like the back of my neck is on fire at times. I have complete numbness in my first 3 fingers and only partially numbness the last 2.


My biggest problem is my left hand has no mobility  and is what the doctors call  "flaccid". I have had several EMG's only showing  that I have chronic C6-7 radiculopathy. I just recently had a CT-myelogram   to see if they could find something else. Results were another herniated disc, C5-6 impinging C5 nerve, along with a bone spur narrowing my spinal cord. I have been seen by 4 different neurosurgeons, with 3 of them not to concerned with the newly discovered herniation and impingement.  1 doctor of the 4, wanted to do a corpectomy of C6 to relieve the pressure or scar tissue, if any is on  the C6-7, fix the new herniation C5-6 to get the pressure off the nerve and to take care of the bone spur to relieve pressure on spinal cord. 


Very skeptical of another surgery, yet 2 doctors have said it was physiological and that there is nothing wrong because the EMG isn't showing much. I was like WHAT!!! 1 doctor said with all what is going on  it could be CPS, chronic pain syndrome and didn't recommend surgery at this time being it was just done a little over a yr ago. The one that does want to do the surgery said it is all within my neck with all what is going on and it may or may not give me the use of my hand back, and that he would relieve a lot of my pain, at least he is hoping so. 


ARGH!!!! I am miserable. I won't take a narcotic due to side effects  and what meds they have given me to lessen the pins and needles have only made things worse.  PT only made things worse as well. 


I would appreciate any advice  anyone has to offer.