Hi, just joined this group. I have been dealing with neck pain for 10 or more years and associated radicular pain and numbness for 3 years with three series of PT. Recently my doctors finally decided to really look at what's going on. After the MRI, they say I have "multiple levels of degeneration." I looked at my MRI report myself, which shows disc narrowing from C3 to C7, with significant osteophytes and foraminal narrowing most significant from C5 to C7. Since the MRI everything else has happened so fast. I was sent to pain managment in a matter of days, which gave miraculous relief for abot 1 1/2 weeks, then a return of the radicular pain, greater than before the injection. Now taking Neurontin with Celebrex, which seems to be helping some, but just two weeks after the surgery the pain management doctor says I have "significant narrowing and osteophytes putting pressure on the nerve" and wants to give me a second injection, but even before the second injection, he wants to start the ball rolling on a referral to a surgeon. I asked if I could think on it over the weekend, and let him know on Monday. I am just afraid of surgery. I'm just wondering what experiences some others have had with the anterior cervical discectomy with fusion. Please share. Thank you, Lori