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Hi. I'm new here, first time to post. I'm supposed to go see the neurosurgeon tomorrow to discuss treatment. To make a long story short: I'm 22 and was diagnosed with a herniated disc in 2005. About 3 weeks ago, I went to my doctor for a physical and she was concerned that my lower leg & foot had been numb for a while (since mid-October 2008, still numb today). Went for another MRI. Results showed I've got another disc herniation, and the doctor referred me to a neurosurgeon.

All the things I've read say surgery is for people with pain that radiates into the legs. I don't have pain in my legs anymore (did for a while), but now it's just numbness and back pain. Just wondering if anyone else has been in similar situation.

I could wait to get answers til in the morning, but I'm really nervous and want to try to prepare myself.



Hey Ashley,

I am new here too, just signed up only because I have found your post. I have been reading about discectomy, herniated discs, etc., and what you wrote is the same thing happened to me. I am 23, and couple days ago I have been diagnosed (from MRI) with disc extrusion (which is herniated disc i think, english is my second language). 4 months ago is the first time i felt pain in my back. 3 months ago i banded down to pick up something from the floor and i just fall on my knees, just like that. 2 months afterwards the pain started going down through my left leg. I think that first happened on my soccer game when I felt like i pulled something in my hip or so. I want able to sleep, I couldnt be sitting for longer period. Then like a month ago it was hurting so bad that I was crying how bad it was. I consider myself as someone who can take a lot of pain, but this was something intolerable. But 10 days ago, on new years eve, it just stopped, it doesnt hurt at all. Well, a little bit, but I still dont have my normal functions, i cannot run or do anything. I just cannot pull my left leg up as usually.
So can you please tell me what happened to you after you posted this? I would really appreciate it. Doctor said that it would be good to do a surgery, so I am looking what my best options are.
Thank you.



ps - my doctor (neurologist) that i should see neurosurgeon, but most likely i would need to do a surgery if i want to keep playing soccer.


Hi Ashley,

After 10 years of treatment and pain, I had the exact symptoms you are experiencing now, I had a L4 L5 Disctomomy last
Friday 15/1/10, I was in hospital for three days on out on the monday.
In my experience with the whole thing I should have done this operation with my Neurosurgeon long ago, anyway I just want to say
don't be nervous, I up till now, week later so far, am feeling the best I ever had, still a long way to go but have to be positive
about my recovery.

All the Best


I was injured at work some 2.6 years ago- I returned to work with VERY clear, black and white statements of what i could or could not do; which my employer violated. I personally went home did research trying to figure out what was the source of my pain and it origins because i clearly recall telling my employer at the time of the injury i had vaginal, rectal shooting pains, abdominal pain, full numbness in my right leg and couldn't put any pressure on it- and a clear popping sound when i tried to get up from a deadlift pop squat. I went through, the Primary MD- then did physical therapy and electrotherapy- Then i went to a orthopedists where i was given one shot of corticosteroids and a needle in the upper thy( my lege came shooting up off the table some 6-12 inches with the needle still in my leg)- then a neurological doctor- only to have fought the state a few times for stop payment which lead to court actions- Now after receiving medical news from the state doctor IME I am told that the MRI i had to fight for showed a cyst on the spine- I just was told after 2.6 years later from a work injury i have a cyst between my L4-L5 disks - I was waiting to have a meeting with my Neuro doctor to discuss what was found six months ago, but again the state messed things over with order of operations. After this past weekend appointment with the state doctor , he was unwilling to be forthcoming with anymore information pertaining to my questions about changes in incontinence-Needless to say the STATE IME doctor was extremely reluctant to say ANYTHING about what i was mentioning - He just said it would be very good for you to have the EMG testing- So here i am still trying to figure out the extent of damage from a work injury that was also a part of employer retaliation and discrimination based upon medical files they already were provided- So back to the books again and do a little more research into what should and could be done with little risk and exposure for greater reduction of motion and control and what the medical options might be for someone who is not wanting to go into full blown surgery on my spine at 30