I recently had cervical fusions in c4 through c6 due to being crused under a trailer I was welding on a couple of years ago. Went through steroid injecions in my neck, botox for the neck muscle pain, and then finally the MRI showed absolutly no disk material left in these regions. So I opted for the surgury. The insurance would no let the doctor use the new recessed plates which would not have interfered with the placement of the plates near my esophogus so needless to say that after my initial surgery on the 22 of September o8 I found I could not swallow solid food and was placed on a liquid diet of ensure. After 8 weeks with the speech therapist in which she and the surgeon consulted ( my primary care doctor decided I was either faking or he just plain didn't care and never bothered to order the necessary MRI, x-rays or swallow test to derermine the problem, he left it up to the surgeon to play both sides.) they decided the best course was I had to have the plates and screws removed on the 26th of November 08, because I went from 175 to 140 pounds and was wasting away. Coldn't turn to look to the left without severe pain, could only turn and look down to the righ to drink the protein shake. After surgery I was given a shot of Fentenal for the ride home even though it is on my alergic medicatin braclet. I went home and promptly dry heaved for 10 hours straight before returning to the ER with a 103 temp and massive swelling of the surgical and surrounding area without the ability to swallow or breath very well on my own. The bone graph has not set properly and I have to be extremely careful. Can never go back to strutural welding or at least that is what they tell me now. I am a single parent with a 6 year old daughter and an 8 year old son who depend on me. Who is to blame for all this, don't know. Can anyone give me feedback on what I should about this. I live in Palmer, Alaska and welding is all I know, it pays the bills so to speak. They have changed prescriptions on me so often that the insurance won't cover the meds anymore. I feel like I have been used and abused here. Should I sue or what? Any ideas about what I can do?