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I came across this site and read several posts on cervical spine myelomalacia. I have had most of the symptoms listed in these posts.
A couple of years ago my MRI showed myelomalacia. I was very concerned about this finding as i had unexplained symptoms. The Dr. looked at the films and said HE doesn't see any myelomalacia. I showed him the radiologist's report and he said he had read that but doesn't see it himself, so it is not there.

My question is: Who's opinion is more reliable? The radiologist who specializes in radiology, or the Dr. who looks at the film? I am confused.

(I also accidentally posted this under muscular/skeletal forum. Sorry--i am a "newbee" %-)

Thank you!


Radiologists should know better because they specialize in watching and understanding these films. Not just MRI films but the films from all the other screening procedures like CAT scan, ultrasounds, etc

Other doctors can also read films, especially neurologists as this is a part of their everyday practice.

It is hard to say who to trust. Because radiologist could be too young and inexperienced or too old and not interested and the neurologist in this case could have more practice and knowledge in reading films. The same situation could be with a neurologist.

You need to take all factors into consideration before making the decision about who to trust. I would advice you to look for third opinion of another radiologist or another neurologist. This is the only way to know for sure.