I have severe stenosis from the C-3 to the C-7 disks. I have severe bilateral stenosis on the formana areas which are putting pressure on my nerves. Due to the pressure on my C-5/C-6 areas, my left arm is weak. I have should and grip strength. However, the radial area of my arm (the part that you pull up when doing a bicep curl is extremely weak). My last MRI showed greater stenosis and moderate impingement on my spinal cord in two places. I am scared to death to have the surgery. My neurosurgeon indicated that it would require multi level surgeries and would be extensive. I am trying everything to prevent this (chiropractor; physical therapy; acupuncture; massage). To boot, when I went to my first neurologist, he did a gene test on me without my knowledge. It showed that I have a rare gene for ALS. Thankfully, it was ruled out as the cause of my issues! But I read that surgery may trigger an ALS reaction. This is so scary. Can anyone shed any light on some of the things I've listed? Does anyone know about this ANG gene?