I had very, very early state breast cancer - had lumpectamy & no further treatment.

Then 7 years later was diagnosed with 2b endometrial cancer - had complete hysterectamy and radiation to the pelvic vault. Cancer had not spread to the lymph nodes and the radiation was all that was required. I was happy with all the results.

Then 3 years later we did a follow-up on a previous CT scan and was diagnosed with early stage lung cancer. Doctors removed uper lobe of right lung and was told it was a 1a stage lung cancer that started in the lung and would not require further treatment.

I was concerned - 3 cancers in 9 years - so I saw an oncologist. After reevaluating the situation and a look at the lung cancer pathology results and the endometrial pathology, doctors determined that lung cancer was not a new cancer but a recurrence of the endometrial cancer and should undergo chemotherapy to prevent more surprises.

I am scheduled to undergo chemotherapy next week and they will use taxol & carboplatin which I assumed was for treating endometrial cancer but when I looked up the chemo medicine is indicates its treatment is for ovarian cancer and then I read on and its used in treating lung cancer.

Cany ou explain what chemo should be used on me?