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I am looking for some advice for my mother's cancer. She was diagnosed with endometiral cancer stage IIb or c and had a full hysterectomy and radiation therapy. The lymph nodes they dissected were clean, but she has had leg swelling ever since. In an unrelated CT scan that she had a year and 4 months later, they noticed that her para-aortic lymph node was enlarged and a biopsy revealed that it was the same cancer.

Since, she has had a PET scan that only shows cancer in that one particular lymph node. And, she has started chemotherapy.

Should she have that lymph node removed? What are the chances that the cancer has already spread and the PET could not pick up the microscopic cancer cells? How would we find second opinions on a case like this?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. We can't find anything about this type of situation.



Hi there! As far as I know about these machines, it is quite possible that the PET scan didn’t notice other cells that have been overtaken by cancer. It is also possible that the PET scan recorded the cells but that the person who was interpreting the scan could not recognize them.

I reckon that the lymph node should be removed but I am no doctor, this is just my personal opinion.
In order to get a second opinion, you could find a second radiologist to read the scan for you or you could get another scan at another place/clinic/hospital.


I too had endometrial cancer (carcinosarcoma to be specific) which is a combination of endometrial cancer and sarcoma (considered rare). There is an MD by the name of Nicola Spirtos who will perform surgery on this type of recurrence at UMC of Nevada in Las Vegas, Nevada. My local MD "sat" on the CT scan results when he ordered the scan and then told me one month later that I would probably not survive "this". He advised radiation which would, according to the radiation oncologist only shrink the metastasized lymph node. I went to Las Vegas after priority mailing my records (always request your records!!!) and recent CT scans. The surgery was brutal due to the advanced stage of the metastasis and adhesions to my duodenum and compromise to the vessels to my left kidney (which had to be removed) and the recovery was even more horrific. I returned home 10 days later and one month later, as Dr. Spirtos had advised had chemotherapy (5 days a month in the hospital for four subsequent months) lost 25 pounds, recovered, and 4 months later underwent radiation to the area. I am not out of the woods and will not be for years, but I am alive, am returning to my former self and strength, and one year and 3 months after my Las Vegas visit am here to write about it. DO NOT delay in seeking treatment. DO NOT trust any one doctor. My Las Vegas MD said that when I presented to him, I had 2-3 months left to live and that had I come to him sooner, he could have performed laparascopic surgery with much less trauma. Also, the reduced size of the recurrence (not visible to the human eye after surgery) makes one's recurrence much more responsive to radiation and/or chemotherapy. You have the information you now need! Expand your parameters! Good luck!!!



I stumbled on this thread and had to respond. My Mom is currently going through this exact scenario. She had endocemet. cancer had a hysterectamy and then found one lymph node to be cancer. She went through radiation, chemo, radiation and now they just tried to remove it this week. The surgery was not a success and they were not able to retrieve instead inserted the markers for a cyberknife approach.

If you have any knowledge you can share please contact me at I am trying to get my Mom any help that may be a benefit to her. I am trying all angles which brought me to this string.