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my husband has been diagnosed with stage II non-small cell lung carcinoma six months ago and so far we've been going from one scan to another to make sure the tumor is going to be successfully operable. Now my husband’s oncologist told us we should prepare for upper right lung lobectomy, with the possibility that the surrounding lymph nodes will removed as well. Since we still don’t know if the cancer is likely to recur or not, chemotherapy or radiation after surgery are still options that we might face, but what I’d like to know is how will recovery look like after one lung lobe is removed. Will my husband need oxygen tank? How quickly will the rest of his lung learn to compensate for the loss?

Thanks for all your replies


Hi Guest,

Your husbands general health will determine how well he recovers after surgery.  He should not need an oxygen tank.  He may find himself a bit short of breath when exerting himself at first but his body should adapt fairly quickly

More likely he'll have some side effects from the radiation/chemo that will make him more tired.

Discuss this with his doctor.  They know his history better than any of us.

Good luck to you both.