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Hello everybody,

My dad was diagnosed with stage II lung cancer 3 months ago and had a surgery to remove the upper part and surrounding lymph nodes few weeks later. Since he had to undergo radiotherapy and chemotherapy, his recovery from the surgery was really tough, but in the last few weeks things were finally starting to look better. Breathing problems got better, and he slowly became active again – it was great to finally see him able to walk again. However, in last few days he’s experiencing hip pain, only on his left side and naturally, we’re scared cancer has spread to his bones. How often does lung cancer attack other organs?

Thanks for any advice!


Hi Guest,

He needs to see his doctor to have this checked - NOW.

Lung cancer can metastasis, spread, to the other tissues (including bones) of the body.  Often the first sign is pain.  The worst part is that it often isn't recognized until after you're thought to be cancer free.

Don't delay.

Good luck.  Please post an update.