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I need some information on lung cancer. What the symptoms are and what the treatment is? Is treatment successful? How big are chances for success?


Hey there,
Here are the symptoms: chronic cough, worsening breathlessness, weigh loss, fatigue, persistent pain in the chest or elsewhere, coughing up blood (this the most typical sign and signifies cancer in early stage which still might be curable/ visit to doctor is urgent!!!) unfortunately lung cancer symptoms are mostly detected when cancer is not in early stage anymore.
Lung cancer is treated with surgery (1 of 5 patients), if cancer hasn’t spread to other parts of body (for example liver) and if patient hasn’t got bronchitis, heart disease or other illnesses. Small cell lung cancer is treated with chemotherapy. Non small cell cancer may be treated with chemotherapy (research trial), supportive care and radiotherapy. Radiotherapy is either radical or palliative. Later is widely used, former is used with patients with localized tumors which are not able to operate and involve high dosage of radiation.
Chances … there are some misconceptions about chemotherapy. It does have some side effects, but it also helps people prolong their life and also cure them. About 10 % of patients can except to be cured and alive 5 years after the treatment with no evidence of cancer being returned. All patients benefit form palliative treatment which can improve their current life.
I hope this was helpful enough.


Hi my name is Heather.
My gramps has just been diagnosed with lung caner. This disease has metastasized to the bones and liver. They are currently doing radiation on his spinal cord to prevent paralysis. I was wondering if anyone can give me information on different treatments. The doctors do not see good coming from this, except for the fore seen suffering.

Also, does anyone know about if I donated my bone marrow to help him, if it is possible and side effects and if it will help?

Please if anyone has any answers, please help us beat the odds!

Thank you so very much.
Sincerely, Heather
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