Hi guys

im a 22 year old male who is relatively fit and only drink occasionaly although i do smoke reguarly

recently i have been having strange "twinges" in the left side of my chest. It feels as if suddenly my chest just tightens up then have to concentrate on my breathing, i then find my seems to skip a beat then starts beating either too fast or too slow. It isnt really a pain but its a weird horrible feeling as if i am going to pass out. I also feel dizzy and see spots from my eyes

I suddenly go numb, feel fatigued and have to get away from people so i can concentrate more on my breathing, this happens for hours at a time, i am then fine for a few days then it keeps coming back ever so often.

I work in a call centre sales environment, i dont feel any pressure and always achieve targets set and that has never worried me. But i can be talking to someone having a normal conversation, then i feel like im losing my breath, this makes me go to the toilet and results in me heaving and being sick. I then feel like i need to urinate and ummmm go to the toilet (dont wanna get to gory!) I repeat this a few times, and then when i get home i dont feel sick but my chest feels even worse and my palputations get even worse.

I have been to the doctors twice telling him my symptons :

Firstly he said it was a result of binge drinking and gave me some medicine for heartburn

The second time i went back i hadn't drank alcohol for weeks and then i got referred for a scan on my stomach????

Its kinda annoying and scaring me as its affecting most areas of my life. anyone have any ideas? would mean a lot if i could get some feedback from people in the medical profession and also others who have experienced similar problems