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hi, I am a 20yo male, I am 6ft tall, And 73kg (perfect weight), I have been goign to gym for about a year now  lifting and doing cardio, My diet is really clean, I have suffer'd from anxiety for about 2-3 years now, I suffer from chest pains, and that usually causes my anxiety, I have seen 4 heart specialist and about 50+ Dr's and GP's, countless ambulance drivers too, Prettymuch, I think I am going to have a heart attack, Its really frightening, And every Heart specialist / Dr's / Ambo driver say the chances of me having one is almost 0.
I have recently been forced to stop doing gym and cardio because everytime I have tryed latley I have been getting chest pains, And its really scary, About 1month ago I had my heart checked at the heart specialist and he said it was fine, But what set me off again is I binge ate for about 3days (no idea why) and ever sicne I have been getting bad anxiety and chest pains, now I think I could have caused some damage too my heart, but yeah, as you can tell, I am pretty sensitive, And i would not be writing this unless I wasnt 100% In need of help, I am always scared of dying and its not a nice feeling to have 24/7. I hope I do not get trolls on this post, But I am in need of help, I am always looking for reassurance and all test I have been having latley has not convinced that I am healthy.
The only test the came back alittle bad, Was my thyroids, but the Dr was not worried because my thyroids were only alittle abnormal, And might not mean anything he said, But he wants to get another test done just incase in about 3months, but other than that all my test have been perfect apparently.
Before this, I was doing 40min cardio 6days per week, and 4-5 weight lifting sessions per week, It seemed to help my anxiety, but now its like, I cannot even get past the workout anymore, Just really worried, If there is any help ou there, I would truly appreciate it.
Thank you.


Im very sorry, the fear of dying is the worst fear of all. But I hope these words are powerful enough to make you see that this is just a sign.

I used to be scared to death of dying (pun-intended) but I realise that everyone is going to die. Everyone is going to go through the same pain as me. EVERYONE. I secondly realise I rather die before my siblings because even one day without them will seem like a year without anyone. Thirdly, I discovered how lucky I am, In medieval times people were slaughted to death, drowned and slowly killed. I realised how lucky I am to not die that way. Forthly, i think of third worlders. They have a lifespan of less than 20 years, yet it is also less furfilled.

You, I and everyone else around us, is going to have the same fate but its better to YOLO than IHL (I hate life)

If your worried about your chest conditions, then it could be caused by genetics or those weights you are lifting.


If you ever need help, I'll always be happy to help you. Good Luck! :)





Hey Bryce
Ok number one,a good cognitive therapist will help enormously with this fear/anxiety your having.When did this fear start? did somone close die suddenly ? was it a heart attack? its good you been going to be tested to rule out any actualy heart disorder.Ok so the whole going the gym you say helps anxiety, this is because your minds focused on something other then your pains or health,lifting weights coulve caused you to have misplaced knotted tendons etc and if even 1 rib is out and tense this can cause chest tightness, short breath and even arm pain. Replace the gym with 20min walks, listen to an ipod with upbeat songs as you walk, when at home stop researching all the illnesses and put on a good comedy movie or meet with friends for a nice lunch dinner whatever. Swimming is a good cardio and good for you.Yoga is great for anxiety and body tone as well.So try calm down, if you are having caffeine try cut it out, this includes chocolate.You need to talk about the fears and get help to overcome the anxiety attacks.Ive had them myself and thought I was going to stroke out.Deep breathing techniques help as well. good luck hope your feeling better real soon.