im jay, 33, from the uk. Back in 2006 i did the usual smoked some weed one sunny day in the summer. All of a sudden, this had never happened before, but my head started going round, heart beating like crazy and breathing rapidly with an immense impending doom feeling.

little did i onow then but it was a panic attack. Shortly after i had it i then started to get a weird lung full sensation with a tight chest pain. Never happened before but surely from then on to become the norm. Say a few days later i would then start getting palpitations and frequent panic attacks. I from then on could no longer handle strong smells, feel motion sickness, feelings that everything is a dream and many more. I was still a smoking.

I chugged along misrebly with these feelings but as the years went on they became worse right up to a year ago where i decided to quit smoking. By smoking i meant 20 a day since '01.

ever since i quit, i didnt think how i was feeling before could get worse, i was wrong. Now i have constant chest pains, i feel lonely, been gaining weight without any changes to diet or excersize, i have palpitations especially when ive walked longer than a few miles. 

This is how it happens. Within the space of a few days i have huge heavy crushin feelin on the chest especially when i lay down, blocked dry nose which isnt nasal congestion but realy dry blocked feeling, head spinning, palpitations, neck and back muscle pain and few more. The weird thing is that by blockin one side of the nose or by breathin into a bag for a few hours with spaces in between i feel like everythings ok. Chest dont feel tight, palpitations arnt that frequent and can think clearly. Only for the whole process to repeat every few days.

i would also like to say that ive been to the docs who have given me a few blood tests, ecg, ekg, chest xray, stool sample and lung capacity test to which they said nothing serious has shown. 

Im sorri its quite long and may have few bits missing as im on my fone but can any one tell me what this could be ??