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I dont exactly know where to put this, but i am a teen so! Last fall i had what i thought was the normal flu, i had a fever, headache, neausea, but i also had a few weird symptoms that i dont normally get with a flu, which is sore muscles in my back and chest soreness when i breathe in. I went to the doctors because i had a 103 temperature and they told me that it was a common cold and i should wait a week for it to go away. So i did, and it went away in a week or so. But now, 5 months later, i am developing the same symptoms, the flu symptoms with the nausea, fever and headache, but also the sore muscles in my back and the soreness in my chest. If anyone out there has had this before, is it possible my doctor diagnosed it wrong? Or is it just a reacurrance of the same cold?
What do you advise that i do?
Thanks for any help!


See another doctor. Not every doctor can know everything.

The flu is a viral thing. So maybe you have a different kind of viral infection.

These days people go to the doctor for even a simple cold, so maybe the doctor just gets sick of that and doesn't see it when people have a real problem.

You may need to ask your insurance company who else you can go to. Just tell them that you are not happy with your current doctor and need to change.


I developed these symptoms yesterday. This is going to sound wierd, but after some research, I think I am allergic to phenylalanine in chewing gum. I hardly ever chew gum, but over the last few years, everytime I do I get sick... In addition to your symptoms, my throat is really sore. I feel better today. It sounds silly that gum could make me sick.

I am really curious. Do you chew gum or drink diet soda or consume some other food product that contains phenylalanine or aspartame?

Good luck,


Hi! Merry Christmas to everyone!

To answer to your question based on my personal experiences (I have a lot of them than I wished for... lol), I will share with you the common cold/flu symptoms that I am familiar with by more or less the order they appear:

1. Sneezing

2. Increased frequency of sneezing, development of running nose, eyes may become watery, slightly swollen, sensitive to light, and they feel hot.

3. Sore throat

4. - Headache due to increased body temperature.
- (High) Fever may often be accompanied by heavy head, sore/aching muscles and bones all over the body. It is normal to have sored chest, abdomen, aching spine and back.
- In recent years, I'd feel very nauseated if running a high fever approx. 38.5 degree Celcius and above.

5. Loss of appetite and taste. May throw up after food intake. So avoid anything heavy and greasy. I find oatmeal the most comforting food during this time.

6. Cough - usually develops as the fever slowly subside. The sored chest and abdomen might still prevail but should slowly alleviate as your body recovers.

Well, I think that's about it.

Recovery time: I don't often develop cough but my fever usually comes and goes for a week or more - with or without medication. So I no longer take those awful meds unless I really need them to help me sleep (drowzy drugs) or during the early development of cold which I am trying to get out of.

Our body changes in time, most likely in accordance to our lifestyles. I rarely got sick between 11-15. Then fever became very frequent until I get so familiar with it that, believe it or not, I can even tell if I have a fever with the feeling (of temperature) of my tongue against the other oral parts.

Personal sharing:
The most effective cure for fever and flu is REST. If you are able to sleep well and drink enough liquid.
Honey is very good as it taste better than water esp. when you have lost your sense of taste and might even feel nauseated when drinking plain water. Also the glucose in honey provides energy for your body even if you have no appetite for solid food.

BUT as the experts always say: CONSULT A DOCTOR FIRST since you are unfamiliar with how your body reacts towards cold/flu and many other more serious sicknesses start with symptoms similar to those of a casual cold/flu. High fever should not last long at all or you might seriously damage your body/brain/nervous systems due to prolonged overheating.
Best if you have someone taking care of you and in case of emergency, send you to the clinic or hospital for professional medical help.

Voila, hope it gives a little more insights to cold & flu to you and even others!

Warmest regards,


I have been over heating for a while I don't know why then I get light headed and my neck hurts then I'm out can't see anything


I am not a doctor but a couple of illnesses to keep in mind besides cold or flu... Pneumonia, bronchitis, toncillitis, and if you live in the southwest or have visited there- valley fever. follow up with your pcp or np for labs or xrays and keep going back until you get the help you need.


That is ny exact sypmtoms... im a teen with severe back pain occuring out of no where i was in so much pain that i was stuck in bed and had a migrane and fever and was nauseas.. is that Swine FLue??


I woke up with pain in the top middle part of my back, my throat isn't sore but when I swallow the muscles in my throat and across the top of my shoulders and across my chest hurt, I am running a low grade temp and it hurts to move my neck