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The chest is a key area to work on during training and if you want to get good posture and fill that shirt you need to build bigger pecs. Concentrating on the chest muscles in a single workout is a great way to boost strength and size in this area.

The chest is predominantly made up of the pectoral muscle group which is the large muscle that covers the breast area in both males and females. When you do exercises such as the bench press or pectoral flies this is the major muscle you are working, but there are others which are used to support the movement of the chest such as the biceps, triceps and deltoids. It is important to work on these too to make sure that your muscle balance is equal because this can lead to injuries or poor posture.

The Workout

The gym workout that will really boost your chest strength and size is broken down into different training systems to add variety and avoid you getting bored. The systems used are a super set, which is two exercises back to back with no rest, a tri-set which is three exercises back to back with no rest and a drop set which involves completing as many reps as possible at a given weight.

Make sure to have a good warm up before attempting resistance exercises. Try running or jogging for at least 10 minutes and stretch the arms, chest and back before moving onto this part of the session.  

Super Set 1

In the first super set you have two exercises; Incline fly and Incline Chest Press. For these exercises you need a space in the gym with a bench that can be set to about 45 degrees and a set of dumbbells that you are comfortable lifting but is a challenge.

Incline Fly: Sitting on the incline bench hold the dumbbells with your arms fully extended so they are above your chest. Slowly lower them out to the side, keeping your palms facing inwards until your arms are open wide, hold and then slowly return to move the weights closer together.

Incline CP: Turn the wrists so that the palms face away from you and bring the weight to your shoulders, push them upwards until your arms are straight but do not lock the elbow, hold and lower to start position.

Complete both of these exercises back to back. You need to complete 8 reps of each and then take a 2 minute break. Then repeat the whole super set a further 3 times (4 in total). Then move onto tri-set 1.

Tri-Set 1

This tri-set is made up of 3 exercises; push up, cable crossover and bodyweight flies. You need a cable machine and bench to complete these exercises.

Push up: Try to use a "male" push up with toes on the floor and a straight back, make sure to lower yourself to within an inch or two of the floor before raising.

Cable Crossover: Set the cable machine pulleys to their highest position and connect the horseshoe handle (single hand grip). Stand in the center with one foot slightly in front of the other, grab the handles and pull them down until your hands meet in the center of your body — ideally around hip height. Slowly move the arms out to side until at shoulder height and then move them back in together again.

Body Weight Fly: Set the bench to the same incline as in the super set and lay on your front allowing your arms to dangle to the floor. Use your toes to support your legs and keep your body tight. With a dumbbell in both hands hold them close together with your palms facing inwards at arms length. Slowly lift the arms until they are at shoulder height and then return to the start.

Complete 8 reps of each exercise back to back with no rest and then take a 2 minute break. Complete this a further two times (3 sets in total) and then move onto super set 2.
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