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My daughter, who is 16 years old, has been having bouts of cystitis regularly, and we have been to see the family doctor for the same thing on numerous occasions. Every time we go, it is the same story. The doctor will prescribe antibiotics, namely amoxicillin, and that will make the cystitis go away for a while. It always comes back though. I don't like the idea of having my daughter take antibiotics all the time, as I am sure that there could be some long-term healthy effects involved in that. Is there anything you could tell me about Chinese herbs for cystitis? I am particularly interested in any cure that makes cystitis stay away forever. Or at least for a long time.


Hi Nance, I know this post is old but I came across it and thought I would share my experience.  I am 37 had began having issues with cystitis around 18. I experienced the same thing - multiple doctors and specialists with year long antibiotic rounds, painful experimental procedures and so on. No one knew what to do with me. It was not until I moved to Los Angeles and became interested in alternative and Chinese medicine, that I finally found relief.  I found a great herbal/Chinese doctor and was "cured" fast and for years and years. Yes, cystitis flares up occassionally but I know that I will find quick relief with herbs. I also sometimes self medicate, as I have many herbal books that talk about cystis.  Damiana is an herb that always worked for me. You can find it in health food stores. Good luck!