I am a male 52 yrs old. Over the past few days I have been passing cloudy urine, other symptoms are slight pain in the groin area and a burning scalding sensation after passing the urine, no pain or discomfort while passing urine. Sometimes I feels some nausia, and shivers and a feeling of being unwell but these symptoms are mild. I have this problem on and off for the past ten years and have been prescribed antibotics but it seems to re-occur from time to time. Sometimes the symptoms occur a few hoursafter having sex.

I collected sample of the cloudy in a glass jar, it looks like there is a fine powder contained in urine which after a while floats to the bottom of the leaving the urine clear. The powder stays in the bottom of the jar and if disturbed will cloud the urine again. The color of the urine is normal.

I have been tested for sti`s on 3 different occasions and all results have come back negative. I been to 3 different doctors (GP`s) and still haven`t resolved the problem

For months I may not have this problem but seems to re-occur every so often. I renewed my last prescription (Doxy) and started on the course 4 days ago but with no obvious improvement.

What other tests can I do? What are the possible causes?