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Battled for 5 months with a bladder infection. Had to take 3 courses of different antibiotics to get rid of the infection. Got bakc the results of the urine test few days ago and there is no bacteria present. yet am stil having problems - my uretha feels sore sometimes it burns abit and feel the need to urinate often. Have now noticed consistent white particles and stringy mucuos in my urine. I also suffer from vaginal thrush have had it for 5 years now and can't get rid of it but never caused problems with my urine Am rather worried? What could this be ? Have only one partner - my husband. Could he have passed me an std since have been having prob since I have known him. What exams should I do ? Any advice


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Hey there,

This sounds to me as an UTI (Urinary Tract Infection). My sister had E. Coli bacteria and this caused the UTI. I had chance to read that some experts blame E. Coli for 90% of UTIs, resulting in about 9.6 million doctor visits a year. Most of those visits are made by women. I guess you’re women too? :)

Anyway, frequent urge to urinate, painful, burning sensation in bladder or urethra during urination, tired or washed out feeling, milky or cloudy looking urine, even reddish if blood present, that all are main UTI symptoms. Chronic UTI could cause cystitis (a bladder infection)
I’ve heard that drinking a lot of cranberry juice is good for bladder infection prevention.

The UTI can be cured with up to 3 days of treatment, based on antibiotics. The same is for Cystitis but it could last up to a week, but even through antibiotics E. Coli bacteria could develop the resistance against them.
In a study funded by the National Institutes of Health, researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis learned the reason bladder infections are so tough to beat is that the E. coli can dodge antibiotics by invading the immune system cells that line the wall of the bladder.

Anyway, I recommend an urologist exam to determinate the exact reason for your issue!

Do not hesitate to visit your doctor, it’s better to do it as sooner as possible to avoid possible infection complications!

Take care!


Just to let you know that i have discovered that Urinary Tract Infections can happen due to underlying symtomless STI's such as clamydia.
I would definately suggest getting this checked out.


Hi there!

I'm quite prone to UTI's, and I have found the following works for me:

To avoid:
-urinate immediately after sexual intercourse. I'm not saying jump up out of bed to go pee but within the first half hour. This flushes any bacteria "pushed" up into the urethra during sex. This has been almost foolproof for me.
-don't wear the same underware to bed that you wore during the day, and if possible don't wear underwear to bed. Give yourself room to breathe!
-don't hold your water, suck it up and use the public restrooms. Holding your water allows bacteria to build in your urinary tract.

To treat:
-I have allergic reactions to most anti-biotics so I treat with cranberry juice and green tea, alternating. As much as possible. The cranberry juice acts as a diuretic and the green tea is a detox agent.
-drinking as much water as you can and as little coffee, pop and alcohol as you can eases the pain of urination. The less urea and ammonia in your pee the less it hurts. If you are peeing mostly water it won't hurt so bad and you will clean yourself out faster.
-I can't tell you why but taking a hot hot bath with just my lower body in the water works wonders. It's just a temporary fix but it will help you sleep.

I really hope this helps!


Hey im a guy and have the same problems bruning and/or painful urination, mucous or cloudy urine, started with bloody urine, ive ha dureine tests but the doc keeps telling me they look normal except for a few indiscretions due to antibiotics i was put on for a bladder infection which helped for the first few days and stopped working now im getting very little sleep and living in pain your description matched mine so perfectly so now im hoping this applies to guys as well any help would be appreciated thx


Evening (at least here) Coldstone.

I found this online about Male UTI's. I hope it helps.

Urinary Tract Infections in Men
Causes of UTI
Updated: December 27, 2006 Health's Disease and Condition content is reviewed by the Medical Review Board

In a number of previous articles I have mentioned urinary tract infections. Millions of men acquire such infections each year, so it seems a good idea to look at the subject in more depth.
Even though urinary infections in men, especially boys and young men, are less common than in women, it is still important to recognize the symptoms and get treatment quickly. Infections of the urinary system (the kidneys, ureters, bladder and urethra) can be very serious - even life threatening.

Function of the urinary system
The function of the urinary system is to rid the body of liquid waste (about a quart and a half per day of urine) keep a healthy balance of substances and salts in the blood and produce a hormone that contributes to the formation of red blood cells. The flow of urine helps prevent infection by washing out infections. The prostate gland also produces fluids that slow bacterial growth.

Causes of urinary tract infection (UTI)Urine is normally sterile but under certain circumstances bacteria, often E-coli that live in the colon, moves into the urethra causing an infection called urethritis. The infection may move up the system to the bladder, called cystitis, or to the kidneys, pyelonephritis.

* Micro organisms called chlamydia and mycoplasma can both be transmitted sexually. When this happens both partners have to be treated for the infection.

* Men with abnormalities of the urinary tract, such as kidney stones or an enlarged prostate, are more prone to urinary infection.

* Men who have a catheter or tube placed in the bladder are more susceptible to infection.

* Men with diabetes or any disease that suppresses the immune system are more prone to UTI.

Interesting fact about urinary tract infections
It has been found that women whose male partners use condoms with spermicidal foam tend to have the E-coli bacteria in the vagina

Symptoms of UTI Urinary tract infection
Although some men who have a UTI do not have any symptoms, most men will experience some or all of the following symptoms

Frequent urge to urinate but often the amount of urine passed is small.

Painful, burning feeling in the area of the bladder or urethra, during urination.

* Fatigue

* Fever (This often means that the infection has moved into the kidney).

* The urine can look cloudy or milky. If blood is present then the color will be reddish

* Urine can smell offensive.

* Nausea and even vomiting may occur in kidney infections.

* Back pain

Diagnosis of UTI
The doctor will send a mid stream sample of urine from his patient to test for the type of bacteria present. The lab will then test to see which antibiotic is best at destroying the bacteria. Chlamydia and Mycoplasma has to be sampled separately with a special bacterial culture.

Further tests such as an IVP (Intravenious pyelogram), ultrasound, or cystoscopy may be required to detect the cause of urinary infections especially is they recur or do not respond to the medication your doctor orders.

Again, I hope this provides some further insight and possible relief.


I had the same problem, and I've searched everywhere for the source of the problem. I had an std test and it i even saw one in my urine sample, the test came back negative. Needless to say i was still worried so i check the web and came to the conclusion that it was protien/kidney based. I bought a bottle of cranberry pills and with in the first 24 hours they were gone. The might come back but i'm going to use these pills probably forever now as they only promote positivity in the kidneys.


Glad cranberry pills work for you but strawberry's original post immediately made me think of a yeast infection, which can definitely also affect the bladder and only gets worse with the use of antibiotics. I've had the same symptoms in the past and had no idea what was going on at the time since the tests didn't show any germs...


Could be a kidney stone too... I get the same symptoms as a uti when I have smaller ones passing.


For UTI cranberry juice is the best treatment


I have the same problem, they treated mine like a kidney infection. I would like to know if the antibiotics are the same for both?


Very likely interstitial cystitis caused by candida albicans (fungus) overgrowth in the colon due to gut dysbiosis (not enough 'good'bacteria
allowing the pathogenic and fungus dominate) . in particular when the fungus reaches the rectum  trush in the vagina develops due to the power of fungus to penetrate the vagna wall. By the time you have symptoms the bladder is invaded by fungus irritating the bladder lining and causing
cystitis like symptoms.        GP's nor specialists recognize it so when you can't cope on your own with the advice below (most can) ,
contact a mycologist. But only when you can't or don't want to solve the problem yourself and have insurance. After all these guys are expensive.
Solving these problems at home is very doable but you need to stay focused and patient. Start drinking pure cranberry juice (dilute w water) and start following directions for getting rid of fungus and candida (internet: free sites not commercial ones). Besides taking grapefruit seeds, caprylic acid, avoiding sugars, alcohol, breads, and cheesy cheeses and milk, you eat fresh eco vegetables , replace butter w (virgin) olive oil and lots of garlic (raw and fried) and onions.... drink water water water and diminish salt. No patatoes for a while and get informed about the inevitable die- off effect (withdrawal symptoms due to the destruction of fungus that causes some sort of alcohol to be released in the system making you think you have a serious hangover). Exercise that makes you sweat, sleep as much as possible (to calm the nerves and replenish as sleep is cell regeneration- , relax and pray or meditate listen to uplifting messages and music that help you release tension through crying (melancholy is a sign of gutdybiosis and crying cleanses the system and psyche) All to help you stay  hopeful strong and optimistic.  You'll be fine but keep away from  antibiotics birth control and anti inflammatories painkillers and sirop like meds. Also be cautious of any formulas that promise to help you get rid of fungus. Many are expensive, dubious at best and some have even proven toxic . You can take care of this without spending money on miracle stuff.  Do the righ thing, be patient have faith and stay focused. Many sites offer help for free. Those are the best and most trustworthy. There are though antifungals you can get such as fluconazole and when you live in a country where Nystatin has not been taken off teh market youa re lucky because it costs hardly anything and works wonders. But it worked too good and the (lot) more expensive less effective with side effects producing brand name competitors managed to get it shut down.  Typical. Anyway now garlic oilive oil and onions can do the work but of course it takes a lot more time.

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Really kidney stones can cause these syptoms. I did not know this. But I've been sufferinf for over 3 years with chronic pain in my lower abdomenal region and back, and perhaps had an infection or two. What is strange is the fact I have to see a urologist whom tells me I have one of the severest cases of interstitial cystitis he has ever seen, but then was placed on elmiron and worked wonders till it made me sleepy 3 yrs later, so continued lowering my dose. When it first began I had large amounts of white& red blood cells, with protien, and puss. But he rarely if ever finds an actual virus or bacteria which is normal per the white blood cells. Anyways I am frigging back where I started a gradual progression to here where I am so exhausted tired sore and in so much pain. Tx again am trying to determine on my own the root cause for this white discharge bc it hurts so bad..


I also experience the frequency to urinate. I usually go about 20 plus times a day. Yesterday I had pain every time I went to the bathroom and passed a blood clot in the middle of the night when I got up to go and was going about every 15 minutes during the day. Its very annoying but I have a condition called Interstitial Cystitis and you may want to go to a urologist to see if that is what you have because it seems that way by the symptoms you described. When you have a flare up it can cause UTI like symptoms. Is a simple test and also painless but you should get checked for that or do research and see if you have those symptoms. I hope this helps and that you feel better soon!


I've had the same problem. I've been tested for std's infections you name it everything negative. I don't know what to do!