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I am Not a virgin. I have been sexually active for a few years now. I have had multiple UTI's in my past history but never symptoms like this. For the past couple months now my urine has been extremely stinky and real cloudy. It smells so bad that my boyfriend can hardly stand being in the restroom while I am going to the bathroom. Please help me and tell me what is wrong. [/list][/list]


Welcome to the site. Since you've had multiple urinary tract infections in the past I would start there. Could be a severe UTI or a bladder infection as foul smelling and murky urine are some of the main side effects. Over the counter UTI test kits are now available without a prescription. It is a dipstick that is placed in the urine and a change in color indicates the presence of an infection. Here are some proven methods to preventing UTI's:

shower instead of tub baths
drink plenty of water every day
don’t resist the urge to urinate
cleanse the genital area regularly
some doctors suggest drinking cranberry juice
avoid using feminine hygiene sprays and scented douches
wipe front to back to prevent anus bacteria from entering your vagina or urethra.

As always, see a physician if symptoms worsen or persist. Best wishes.