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A new study done on benefits of coffee are marked as preliminary as they haven’t been reviewed and published yet.

However, it reveals that coffee may boost short-term memory with the best effects on brain 20 minutes after consumption.

The activities in the brain were detected using functional magnetic resonance imaging in 15 healthy men ages 26 to 47. In comparison to those who consumed placebo, the activity in the brain of coffee consumers was significantly greater.
The scans showed that caffeine has a definite impact on short-term memory processes, especially on the working memory network that controls attention and concentration.
Unfortunately, the caffeine's effect diminishes after 45 minutes.

Some of the scientists are already thinking about developing a drug that could stimulate the same brain regions and therefore improve memory function.


You are right, moderate coffee drinking actually boost short term memory, but overdose of caffeine will cause tension in the nervous system resulting in fatigue and tiredness.